About Me

I am Anastasia Hopper, California Certified Massage Therapist, License # 30553.

I attended National Holistic Institute in San Jose from February 2011 until 2012. I completed my 720-hour certification with a 4.0 GPA and eagerness to make a difference in the world. Our school had a wonderful massage clinic and externship program where we got to work with many clients and graduate experienced with a variety of clientele.  My passion for therapeutic massage began working at various sports events around the bay area and with a chiropractor helping those in chronic pain. Down the road and a few jobs here and there, I did some mobile work and spa work but nowhere felt like home.  After spending 2+ years being mentored in pain management therapies and working at Holistic 360 Modesto it became clear to me that helping people with chronic pain was my mission in life.  My goal with Therapeutic Motive is to bring pain relief and stress management to you in your home.

Together we can achieve your pain and stress management goals. 

What's your Motive?


To be the go-to resource for all individuals seeking to improve wellness in their life through holistic practices such as massage therapy.


To help every willing individual find their therapeutic path to wellness as it pertains to their needs and goals for health and personal growth

To break barriers and create harmony between modern society and holistic healthcare

To be an advocate on the world stage for massage therapy and holistic living as a recognized means of injury and disease treatment and prevention